Saturday, February 13, 2010

Omegarians/Epsilonese no more?

Today. Okay, more like yesterday since it's past 12 now.
But anyway, as I was saying, yesterday is the last day good friends of mine staying in this school :((
They're leaving for residential school on 17th. 2 days before my birthday. I was thinking of having a barbecue but doubt it's gonna happen at all. :'( 
By the way, by them I meant by Hannim, Zulaika, Raimi, Sarah, Syuhaidah, Ustad and ect ect.
I am gonna FUCKING miss you guys like FUCK.

We had a mini celebration after school at Pangkin. It rained halfway though. Nevertheless, we had fun. Walking under the rain and eating ice cream right after that is just awesome : D I won't say much details as all of them are in everyone of us. :)

Met Syamim 30 minutes before leaving for home. He's still the same as ever. I love him just like that. Haha. Why aren't you in 4 Epsilon anymore :(( It's not fun without him. Nor will it be any better without Hannim, Zulaika and Raimi.

Anyway, just a short things to tell those who are leaving.

Hannim - Don't be too fussy with food okay :) Love your new school just as you love us! Don't be too gangster-ish over there. Hahaha. Or else people will be scared of this gangster ; D I'll treat you chocolate next time, okay?

Zulaika - Even though you're not one of Omegarians, you're still my good friend/ babe :)) I'm gonna miss all your jokes, gossips, secrets and of course your singing. <3 Stay beautiful and text me kay? I'm there 24/7 just for you.

Raimi - I'm definitely gonna miss you just as much I miss the rest. Haha. Memories between us are unspeakable because they're right there in our heart right? LOL. Now you're gone, what will happen to your counterpart aka black? :)) I'm gonna miss the Omega white boy.

The rest - The memories we spent, long or short, I'll cherish them and I'm gonna miss you guys.

Of course, I wanna apologize for all the things I've done. The teasings, the jokes and ect. And also thanks for dealing with me.

Good times and bad. I'll remember them all.

I'll miss you guys.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New blog? Legasp!

Okay, this is prolly the...............5th time(?) I'm doing this.
I should stop doing this. But I can't. At the moment, I'm keeping score on how long this blog will last until I decided to say Fuck this shit and delete it.

I'm kind of getting the motivation from dear Mora of mine :D Yes, mine. So hands off bitches/mother fuckers/assholes/bastards/jerks and ect ect. 

Just a quick update for you guys, Half of Epsilonese [ Yes I somehow ended up in this class but that's an old story] are gone or going to be gone very soon, which is like next week. Syamim, Raisz, Kamal, Haziq. Even though you just left us for one week, I miss you guys like FUCK.
To Hannim, Zulaika, Sarah, Syuhaidah, Raimi and ect. I'm gonna miss you guys like hell man. It's no fun without you guys anymore.

Form 4 life have been stressful : / I want to be a Form 3 again. :( I don't care if I have to take PMR again. :(( I wanna be a kid again to be honest. Add maths is still confusing as ever. Sejarah is boring, Chem/Physics is just there. Bio is so-so. The rest I have no comment. I am still very stressed over finding a Accounts tuition. B|

Sports day just finished 3 days ago. No wait, it's 4 days now. I am tanned. Everyone is.
But hell, it seriously is a sigh of relief when the event was over officially for 2010. But one thing I can say, the weather is HELL. The heat is killer man. You can still feel the heat even under the shades.

Okay, so much for quick update. I really don't know what to type now. And we have to sit in the assembly point just to meet the V.I.P which is the C.E.O of Pos Malaysia. With all these, reporters, paparazzis or whatever you call them. Woohoo. Fucking great, no? All because of the letters we wrote for PM. Which I didn't.  Because it's a competition and it's never a must for us to do. But teacher made it into a must for everyone of us.

Like Syamim always says, 

Datin cemerlang habis!
SMK BJ Hebat! 
All hail Super Principal of SMK BJ!! 

Therefore, most of us did it for the sake of our marks Super Principal's glory and face

Tho, I would love to see anyone that gets asked why or what motivated us to write this letter to say ' The teacher threatened us with demerit system and forced everyone of us to write it or we're gonna fail our exam'.

THAT. will be a very amusing + enjoying thing to see. HAHA.
However, the love we harbor for our school is too deep. :))
Basically, I'm trying to say that no one will do it.

Clickityclick :D